Our Story

Our Story

A Rare Breed Since 1946

In the summer of 1940, original store oweners, Art Plattos and Nick Maragos hired John Brattis as clerk and delivery boy. A position he was to keep until he joined the National Guard in the advent of WWII. John introduced his friend, Robert Broadway, to the owners of the store and he was hired as butcher and delivery boy. After the war, Plattos and Maragos offered the store to the Brattis Brothers, Nick and John. On February 4, 1946, the two new partners opened the doors for business, wholesale and retail. Bob Broadway continued to work for the new owners and taught John the butcher business.

The market specialized in aged beef cut to order. In those days the meat was broken down by carcass, which meant more work and effort by the butcher. New York dressed poultry was also offered, and many a Holiday Eve meal was spent by the family preparing the birds for our many customers.

Wholesale deliveries were made early in the morning and house deliveries in the mornings and afternoons. This as another special service offered by the company. Mary Foster, sister of the boys, was hired to work the check stand and was a stocker. Gus Brattis, father of the partners, helped in the produce department, which was fast growing into another specialty market.

In 1963 the partners purchased five lots from Milton Coffman Senior in anticipation of relocating. In 1971 the dilapidated condition of the area prompted an in-depth planning program by the city planners and in that year the Urban Renewal Agency put the plan into action. The area took on a new look with beautiful brick buildings and a senior citizen complex and in 1974 a new Brattis Grocery and Market. The building encased 6000 square feet in comparison to the 2500 square feet of the “old store”. The way of business did not change however, SERVICE and QUALITY was the most important policy.

Bob Broadway retired in 1985 working 45 years in the combined partnerships. On February 4, 1996, the Brattis Brothers marked their 50th year as Casper’s oldest independent grocery store. Quality of service is still number one.

In July of 1998 John Brattis passed away after a long battle with his health. Nick Brattis would continue to manage the day to day operations for another decade. During these years, he hired his grandson, James Brattis. James started as a delivery and stocking clerk. When Nick’s health began to deteriorate, James took on larger responsibilities. Such as opening the store with his father Mike Brattis and helping his grandfather with the books. Mike Brattis, for many years, was the backbone and operator of the store.

Even with the many loyal Brattis grocery customers, the store could no longer compete with the giant supermarkets that had rolled into town. On July 30, 2006 Brattis Grocery closed its doors for the last time.

However, the Brattis Market Legacy was not over. On July 1, 2006, James Brattis began construction of the new Brattis Meat Market, which would be located in a new strip mall on Second Street and McKinley. James Brattis has been and is the only owner of the market and has vowed to continue the tradition of SUPERIOR QUALITY and SERVICE. James hired Vinny Lupo as General Manager to run the day to day operations of the market and Jeff Weathers, who has been working for the family for three decades is the Assistant Manager/Head Meat Cutter.

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