Featured Review: Samuel Liesmer

Oh where to start... honestly I really don't know. Brattis is seriously THE BEST PLACE IN CASPER to buy meat. The staff is awesome, the food they sell can't be beat as far as quality is concerned, and they just flat make you feel appreciated. Period. As funny as it may sound, whenever my brother and I are feeling stressed out about the day at work, we go to Brattis, mostly because we always leave with a smile on our faces and genuinely happy for going. If I could rate them 100 stars, I would. Keep up the good work guys!

Satisfied Customers...

Lauren N.

Just moved to town and was in search of a good butcher and I scored with Brattis! Everything we've bought from them has been quality and delicious. We've ordered ribs that were incredible and fresh (never frozen) trout that was so buttery and flavorful. We're hoping to order one of their meat packages in the future. They also have a fantastic selection of cheeses, sauces, etc. along with some great gluten-free options. The staff has been so friendly and helpful. We can't love this place more!

Kyle H.

Was in Casper for a few days for a pronghorn hunt. Visited Brattis to grab some meat to cook for a supper, and am SO glad I did. The three Ribeyes that I cooked were the best steaks we have ever had. Not prepared in any fancy way, I just seared them in a skillet and basted with some butter and fresh sage to medium rare. They were magnificent. Thank you.

J Mas

Great place to grab dinner ingredients! They also will smoke ribs and bacon on site. It smells so good. They have a great cheese selection, sauce selection, prepared food section. Overall they rock! We've got our holiday Prime rib from them for 5+ years.

Nevada Peck

This place is so awesome. My husband brought home some prosciutto that was so good. Haven't had prosciutto that good since I lived in NY. The antipasto platter he also bought is sooo good. And he said the customer service was amazing. Thank you so much!

Travis Moore

My family has enjoyed Brattis Meats for generations - great meat - great people!

Sara Capasso

We first went to Brattis for a prime rib for Christmas. We picked up some of the mushroom appetizers as well. The prime rib was the best I've ever had and the appetizers were yum! Recently, I won a super pack from them and everything we've had has been of excellent quality. My husband says we are only buying pork chops at Brattis now. Great quality food and friendly service. I highly recommend them.

Amanda Stevens

The staff and the quality for meat here is top notch!!

Mary Stevens

We were visiting from Missouri and my relatives went to Brattis Meat Market to treat me a to Bison ribeye. It was the best steak I have ever eaten. My husband had the chicken and he said it was delicious. Everyone in Casper go treat yourselves to some quality meat at Brattis. I can't wait to come back!!

Nathan Richardson

They are awesome!!!! Best meat in town!!

Tracy Schneider Morstad

Our prime rib was great!! Nice marbling and it could have been cut with a fork as it was so tender. We've always gotten great customer service and the meat is very high quality. The meat and cheese trays are awesome!

This is by far the most creative, and best tasting meat market I've ever been a part of!! Thankful to be a part of this family and team we have here at Brattis!!!

Rob A. Good

Very helpful people! Always the best quality meats!

Philip DeMarais

I do not go to Casper often, but when I do, Brattis Meat Market is a mandatory stop for topping the grill with the best tasting meat in the region.

Becky Swanson

I have ordered a boneless prime rib from Brattis Meat Market at holiday time for the last 4 or 5 years. I have always gotten a delicious cut of meat and always receive wonderful service! You guys are awesome, keep up the great work!

Marty Dunning

Great service and wonderful people! I really enjoyed my steaks! Top notch.


The place to go. Not to save money, but to spend on good quality. We always love getting beef cut to our specs and all the goodies we find in the freezers and coolers. Brattis is where we go when we want top quality.

Allison Jensen

Super friendly staff, everything I have tried so far has been delicious and love the option of bundle deals/call in service/ and drive thru service!

Danny Rodriguez

They're clean and they had a good meat products and seafood and more Too